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The Keris Culture

  If you are willing to observe Indonesian cultural history carefully, evidently the keris culture is a prominent feature in Indonesian social life in any era period, in any part of the Indonesian archipelago.
  The keris is an art product made of iron as the raw material. Therefore it has been established that Indonesian forefathers in the Iron Age originally made the keris. In this country there are large deposits of iron, so it is no wonder that products of this metal developed very fast.
  And Indonesian is proud of that great legacy left by their ancestors, rather than being overawed by foreign culture. To be sure, part of Indonesian past was gloomy and gray, owing the period of colonization. But this fact should not reduce Indonesia to a petty nation; on the contrary, they have to wake up from the 350 years of lethargy inflicted by colonialism. They must rally to look into mistakes their forefathers made. The black pages of history must not kill their ambition to attain a bright future. It is for the future that they have got to do something; they must exhibit the herritage of their ancestral culture.
  In every era, the keris setting has adapted it self to exigencies of the times and the needs of the keris masters in different eras. Not only the models of this objects developed, but also what is more important, also the esoteric values which went with it.

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