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From Padang to Bukittinggi

  From Padang to Bukittinggi, 92 kilometers to the north, the roads leads through West Sumatra's scenic countryside. It takes little imagination to see why The Dutch, during their colonial days, chose to have the seat of their administration in this cool and pleasant little town which they called Fort de Kock.
  Built at an altitude of 921 meters above the sea level in Agam highlands, Bukittinggi is cool and clean, and the setting is magnificent. The average daily temperature is 21 degrees celsius. Because of its pleasing character, it's cool climate and strategic location. Bukittinggi is the center of tourism in West Sumatra. One never has to go far to be awed by the province's majestic scenery of cultural wealth. Imposing canyons, cool mountain resorts, clear rivers, caves and craftmens villages, all are within easy walking or driving distance from the center of the town.
  The Bundo Kanduang Museum is located in the heart of the town. The Dutch architect J.J Mandelaar built the museum, in the shape of a building in grand traditional style, in 1935. In it are kept some of the best samples of West Sumatra's cultural legacy. The museum adjons the Bukittinggi Zoo, which is formally known as the Putri Bungsu Park.
  In the center of Bukittinggi is the Tri Arga buliding, in 1947 during the war of independence, Vice President Mohammad Hatta at one time led the struggle in Sumatra. In the front of the building stands what is perhaps Bukittinggi's best known landmark, the Jam Gadang - a clock tower built at the Dutchman Bookmaker in 1872. Nearby is the Bukittinggi Market, where browsers will find many items that are unique to the land of the Minang, including handicraft and foods, such as spicy Sanjai Chips, which are cassava chips dipped in red pepper sauce.


Museum Bundo Kanduang

Some of the scenery in Bukittinggi

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